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Eco-Friendly Travel to the Southern Forests: Limit Your Carbon Footprint

Updated: Jan 20

The Southern Forests region of Western Australia is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering lush forests, majestic landscapes, and stunning wildlife. But how can you explore this natural wonder without leaving a big carbon footprint? The answer is simple – eco-friendly travel!

Utilising Public Transport: Transwa Bus Service

Taking the Transwa bus service is an excellent way to start your eco-friendly journey. The SW1 and GS3 timetable connects Perth to the Southern Forests, providing a relaxing and scenic ride through some of Western Australia's most breathtaking landscapes. Not only will you save on fuel and parking, but you'll also reduce your carbon emissions.

Touring with a Conscience: Eco-Friendly Tour Operators

Several local tour operators in the Southern Forests region offer eco-tours that prioritise the environment. One notable example is Pemberton Discovery Tours, who offer remarkable experiences that are gentle on the Earth. These tours enable you to see regions usually inaccessible to conventional vehicles include guided tours, wildlife spotting, and an opportunity to learn about the local geology, ecology and culture.

Stay in Sustainable Accommodation

Accommodation choices matter when it comes to reducing carbon miles. Many options which include the Pemberton Lodge (perfect for groups), Jaspers cabins and the Pemberton Caravan Park are prime examples of eco-friendly accommodation options in the region. Their sustainable practices include energy conservation, waste reduction, and support for local eco-initiatives.

A Sample Itinerary: Your Green Getaway (feel free to swap and change the days)

  1. Day 1: Arrival by Transwa Bus (SW1 or GS3)

    • Explore the town and local sustainable dining options.

Day 2: Eco-Tour with Pemberton Discovery Tours

  • Take part in a guided tour to explore natural wonders and local wildlife. Its a 4 hour journey exploring the National Parks near Pemberton

Day 3: Bike and Walking Exploration

  • Rent a bike or put on your walking shoes to explore the Bibbulmun track walk.

  • Limit those carbon miles by choosing self-propelled adventures.

Day 4: Shop and Dine Local

  • Join a Pemberton Tramway 1 3/4hr tour exploring the history and heritage of the railways, and / or join Peter as he travels down the river on a special 4 hour journey on the Donnelly River Cruise

  • Visit Forest Fresh Marron and learn about the sustainable Marron industry

Day 5: Departure by Transwa Bus

  • Enjoy a delicious locally sourced breakfast before heading home via the SW1 or GS3 Transwa service.

Travelling to the Southern Forests region doesn't have to cost the Earth. By opting for eco-friendly transport options like the Transwa bus, staying in sustainable accommodation, and choosing conscientious tour operators, you can enjoy a guilt-free holiday.

Embrace a travel itinerary that not only offers a rich experience but also ensures that your journey is kind to the environment. Let's prioritise limiting our carbon miles and show our respect for the incredible Southern Forests of Western Australia. After all, it's the only way to ensure that these natural wonders will be around for generations to come.

Need more information?

1. Transportation:

  • Transwa Bus (GS3 & SW1)

  1. Accommodation:

    • Pemberton Hotel

    • Pemberton Caravan Park

    • Jaspers

    • WA Wilderness (catered camping)

  2. Restaurants:

    • Crossings Bakery

    • Pemberton IGA

    • Cafe Brasil

    • Grumpies

    • Rocco's Diner

    • Wild at Heart

    • Just Lofti's

    • Cafe Maz

    • Forest Fresh Marron (walkable and ask Ben about the Marron!)

  3. Attractions:

    • Pemberton Discovery Tour (Beach & Forest Eco Adventure)

    • Pemberton Wine Tours

    • Pemberton Tramway

    • Donnelly River Cruise

    • Peter Kovacsy's gallery

    • Pemberton Millhouse Collective

    • Pemberton Mountain Bike Park (Bike hire: Pemberton General Store, ph 9776 1151)


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