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Roadside Stalls & Farm Produce


Road side Stalls & Fresh Produce!

Agriculture, aquaculture and animal husbandry have long been staples of life in the Southern Forests region – and have often been the reason for people to visit and travel to the area. Knowledge & pride in the industry has been a primary reason why small communities tend to buy local – from farmers markets and roadside stalls.

The Southern Forests Food council have developed a strategy behind unifying the food production in this region using the "Genuinely Southern Forest" Logo.  So look for this logo when you are in shops around the country! It comes from us here! 

Stock feed is also grown in paddocks – and farmers in this area have shipped the feed to other regions (including interstate) during times of need.

You may not realise how much of your daily food is grown in this area. Hidden behind tall stands of forests are

farms and farmlets growing a variety of gourmet delights. The stalls marked below are seasonal, so you may find that produce is not available all year round. Ask your accommodation or check at the visitors centre for the latest information on who has what, where. 

These include:

  • Hass variety Avocados

  • Potatoes (Delaware, etc)

  • Tomatos

  • Apples

  • Broccoli, Cawliflowers

  • Buckwheat

  • Sweet corn

  • Grapes (wine production)

  • Chestnuts

  • Hazelnuts (see Truffles)

  • Truffles

  • Strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries

  • Canola

Protein based industries including:

  • Sheep

  • Trout

  • Marron

  • Meat cattle

  • Milk (dairy cattle)

  • Eggs

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