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Forest Attractions

Pemberton is located in the heart of the Southern Forest Region in Australia’s South West so to make the most of your visit you will need a parks pass to benefit from the tourist drives and iconic experiences into the National Parks.

These can be purchased from the Department of Parks & Wildlife office on Kennedy St or at the Visitors Centre in town. Cost is $12 per vehicle for 24hrs ($6 Seniors). For stays of 2 days or longer a 4 week pass is probably more the way to go as they are $44 per vehicle. (Price accurate 1/2017)

The National Parks found within a short distance from Pemberton are:

  • Gloucester

  • Beedelup

  • Warren & Greater Hawke Block

  • Brockman

  • D’Entrecasteaux

  • Shannon

The Pemberton Karri Forest Explorer Drive 

The Pemberton Karri Forest Explorer Drive is an easy and beautiful way to explore the majority of Pemberton’s main natural attractions. Being an 85km circuit it may be started at any stage allowing visitors to complete the circuit over the course of a few days.

Click to open or download map (2012 version)

The drive covers the following main natural attractions and is complimented with a radio commentary on FM 100.0 at most of these.

  • Gloucester Tree

  • Gloucester National Park

  • The Cascades

  • Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

  • Warren National Park

  • Heartbreak and Maiden bush Trails

  • Marianne North Tree

  • The Warren River

  • Beedelup National Park

  • Beedelup Falls

  • Big Brook State Forest

  • Big Brook Dam

Local businesses including wineries, galleries, restaurants and cafes are either on the drive or not far from the circuit. 

Caution – the drive traverses sealed and unsealed roads. Hire vehicle drivers will need to check that their insurance covers them for gravel driving.

Shannon National Park – Great Forest Trees Drive

Currently closed - reopening 2017


Located in the Shannon National Park, 50km South East of Pemberton, this drive has camping and boardwalks throughout and is a delightful way to enjoy the Shannon National Park.

Windy Harbour – Lighthouse and Salmon Beach

The journey to Windy Harbour is worthwhile. (See Windy in the suggested itineraries) The lighthouse development makes it a tourist’s mecca with a scenic drive through the cliffs of Pt D’Entrecasteaux followed by a wild walk along the wide pathways hugging the cliffs. There are walkways with balconies perched over the limestone cliffs looking in to caves in the cliffs.

Salmon Beach is a local favourite . Bring a fishing rod and a picnic (also a camera!).

Burma Road Tourist Drive

This is a bit of a misconception – it is not a loop – you will need to turn around and come back the same way; otherwise by taking the Burma Rd / Gloucester Road track you will end up under the Vasse Hwy on Diamond Mill Rd.


The sealed road continues from just before the entrance to the Gloucester Tree and travels through a small section of National Park before the road turns gravel. A beautiful drive but check your maps – it can lead you to funny directions :o) Burma Road actually turns before Gloucester Rd so the road straight turns into Spring Gully Road so if you continue straight along Spring Gully Road you will actually reach the junction for Moons Crossing and River Road Bridge ~20km from town.


Please note licensed Commercial Tour Operators must be DPaW and Transport approved and your tour cost should include National Park Fees.

If you are travelling by yourself you will require a National Park Pass if you intend to travel into DPaW managed lands (ie National Parks) – the money from these passes does go back into improving and managing local facilities.

Channybearup Attractions

Channybearup Attractions is a 30km stretch of road between Vasse Hwy (Nannup – Pemberton section) and South West Hwy (8km from Manjimup).

This road has many attractions either on it or nearby.

The west end is close enough to Beedelup Falls should you wish to visit it enroute. The journey passes Avocado & potato farms before reaching the Airstrip (watch the sheep!) then the first of the many wineries accessible on this rich stretch of land. The road ends just north of the Diamond Tree.

So from West to East you can expect to be able to visit….

  • Beedelup Falls (Vasse Hwy)

  • Turn into Channeybearup Rd

  • Bibbulmun Track Crossing

  • Road side stall selling Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers. (LHS)

  • Airstrip (LHS)

  • Silkwood Winery (LHS) ~ Open 9.30am -4pm Thurs to Mon.

  • Kangaroo Creek Olive Grove (RHS)

  • Channybearup Winery (RHS) (Not open to the public – look for Flybrook Estate at bottle shops)

  • French’s Avocados (LHS)

  • Roadside stall selling Avocados in season, 5 for $2.

  • Berry Sweet Strawberry Farm (Seasonal - but trays of 'seconds sell for $10!)

  • Stirling Rd (To Pemberton)

  • Karri Forest Explorer Drive (LHS) to Gibblet Block

  • Blue Loft (RHS)

  • Bamess Rd (LHS)

  • Mountford Winery, Cidery and Gallery (2km along Bamess Rd).

  • Open Daily 10 – 4.30pm

  • Karri Forest Explorer Drive (RHS) to Big Brook Dam

  • Pemberton North Rd (RHS) to Founders Forest (100 Year Forest)

  • Railway Line

  • Turn Right at the T junction to reach the Diamond Tree / Turn Left to drive to Manjimup, right to return to Pemberton.

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