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Pemberton’s diverse geography enriches the area with a variety of river, lake and estuary systems that are great to explore by canoe.

The canoe launch steps installed in the Warren River at Drafty’s campsite – accessible via Heartbreak trail in the Warren National Park (no camper trailers, vans or buses please) and the Warren Campsite make an easy launch site and landmark for vehicle storage.

The Warren River is full of snags, granite outcrops and other intrusions which make it such a diverse ecosystem. The trip to the coast by canoe can take a couple of days and is a good bonding exercise.

The Donnelly River is clear from Boat landing road to the coast with 12km of river suitable for powered and unpowered craft – don’t quote me on it but the maximum speed is 8knots and the ocean is often inaccessible from the river mouth (due to sandbars etc).

Ocean going kayaks have been launched from Windy Harbour – again the coastline down this way is pretty treacherous – and we are keen to hear stories from people who have attempted paddling in this area.

Broke inlet is another favorite canoe or Kayak location located east of Northcliffe/Windy Harbour.

For dams and lakes both Big Brook Dam and Lake Jasper (further towards Augusta 4wd access only) are suitable for unpowered craft (ie paddle boats and canoes) and you may even find them or hire at the Dam during the Summer School holidays in the lazy afternoons.


Canoes are also available at Karri Valley Resort Activities for use only on Lake Beedelup should you wish to have some fun. You can call them on 9776 2020. 

Alternatively Pemberton Pedal and Paddle offer Sup and other craft for hire. Phone 976 1131.

*Andy Russell of Pemberton Hiking and Canoeing has now retired.


Please note – some accommodation places have canoes available for their clients. As they are not available to the general public we have not mentioned them here.

Caution – The information given here is advice only.

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