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Galleries & Shopping!

Galleries & Shopping!

Lot 2 Artspace

Ph: 0499 594 728

Exhibitions & Sales

John Duncan Artist Studio

Phone: 9776 1060

Please call to arrange a viewing.

Mountford Gallery
Gallery Space

Phone: 9776 1345

Open Friday - Monday ~ 10am - 4pm

School Holidays open 7 days

The Painted Tree Gallery

Phone: 9776 7203

Open 7 days ~ 9am - 4pm

Peter Kovacsy Studio 
Phone: 0402864651

Please call or SMS on the day
to confirm opening hours.

Silkwood Estate Winery

Gallery Space

Open Friday - Monday from 10.
Phone 9776 1535 

Understory – Art in Nature

Phone: 9776 7203

Open 7 days ~ 9am - 4pm ~ (Last entry 3pm)

Gifts, Souvenirs and Shopping!


Pemberton Visitors Centre

Open 7 days

Phone: 9776 1133

Treasures in the Forest
Phone: 9776 1784

9-5.00pm Mon-Fri / 9am - 4pm Sat /10.30am - 2pm Sun

LJ Hooker & Kamoco Giftshop

Phone: 9776 0000

9-5pm Mon-Fri / 9am - 1pm Sat

Veska Cafe - Lavender Berry 

Phone: 9776 0395

Open 9.30am-3pm Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

School Holidays 7 days


Ernies IGA Pemberton 

Phone: 9776 1266

Open 7 days per week 8am - 6pm

*may close 5.30pm on weekends in winter).

Pemberton Garage

Phone: 9776 1288

Open 7am - 6pm Mon - Fri~ 7am - 1pm Sat ~ 8am - 1pm Sun 24 Hour Fuel Access

Pemberton General Store & Hardware 

Phone: 9776 1151

Open 7 days ~ 7.30am - 7.30pm

Pemberton Post & Newsagency

Phone: 9776 1034

8am - 5pm Mon-Fri / 8am - 1pm Sat
8am - 11am Sun & P/Hols

Pemberton Tramway Company

Train Souvenirs Open from 9.30am Mon - Sat

Phone: 9776 1322

Seasonal Roadside Farm & Produce Stalls (Marked on map)


Northcliffe Pioneer Museum & George Gardiner Gemstone Collection

10am—3pm Daily / Phone: 9776 7203

Located in the centre of the forest; Pemberton has a myriad of galleries within a short drive from the town centre. Those of you who enjoy browsing. will find variety and quality of artwork, fine woodcraft and design beautiful and second to none.

You may wish to download the free map for a printout of local galleries. Either use the Google map below, or visit them online as listed here.

The Pemberton Art Group and Southern Forests Photography Group have regular exhibition using a number of locations including the Pemberton Sports Club. 

You will also find the CWA markets on the last Saturday of the month and Op shop every Saturday as well as pop up shops and stalls throughout town. 

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