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Pemberton 'FREE MAP'

The Pemberton Free map started its life in 2006, this is the 2018/2019th edition and can be downloaded for free.

It is WAAAAAAAYYY out of date however is still a useful tool. We will be updating it shortly and hope that it has another life with our Pemberton CRC assisting the production.

We print it in green makes it easier for users to locate landmarks and services, making it a fabulous tool for us tour operators to show our customers where the tours go!

The 2018/2019 version sees a change in icons and also updates the stalls in the region with an avocado icon.

For direct links to businesses click on the interactive version to the right.

For necessary changes please email


Dalai Lama


Special Events in the Region

Contact Visitor Centres for more detail

Arts, Community & Tourist Information


Pemberton Visitor Centre

Phone: 9776 1133

Open: 7 Days

Winter Hours 9.30-4.00pm 

Summer: 9am - 5pm



Northcliffe Visitor Centre

Phone: 9776 7203

Open: 7 days 9am-4pm


Department of Parks & Wildlife

Donnelly District Office

Phone: 9776 1207

Corner Kennedy St & Johnson

/Burma Rd enroute to the Gloucester Tree.


Pemberton Arts Group

Phone: Jeannette on 9776 0252


Pemberton Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Pemberton Community Resource Centre

Phone: 9776 1745

Open 9am-4.30pm Mon & Fri 9am - 2pm Tues, Wed & Thurs


Southern Forest Arts

Phone: 9776 7203

100.0 FM at attractions on the Karri Forest Explorer Drive 

Stalls & Produce
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