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What to do?

With seven national parks in a short circle around Pemberton and 12 in the Southern Forests, there are many natural and interesting adventures you may wish to discover.


With local tour operators taking in many of these journey’s you have a choice of jumping onboard a guided and ecological tour or taking yourself out of your comfort zone and into the bush. We have been running our tours since 1999 and find as local operators, we ourselves on a professional operation showcasing what we love best about the area.


From walk trails to cycling, canoeing to camping, tram journeys to relaxing wine tours as well as decadent food and wine; Pemberton can offer an amazing holiday.


Download the ‘Free Pemberton Map’ from the link above for a takeaway list of options and to discover more about our region prior to arriving!


Why are we doing this? Because we love this place, the people, the activities, the environment, the forest... and want to share it with the world!

The following advert campaigns have been funded, produced and authorised by the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce, Pemberton Accommodation Association and Pemberton Visitors Centre as well as the Shire of Manjimup – enjoy!

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