• Toni Dearle

Awesome May - Targa South West / Pemby Trail Runners coming to town

May is a busy time to visit the Southern Forests and especially our amazing town of Pemberton!

Perth Trail runners are hosting the Pemby Trail Fest  - touted as the Sexiest Trail Running Event 🤣😂🌳 which it is - I mean check out our Forests!

The event starts 11th May - 13th May and we even have the ‘Fab Four’ on Sat night at the club for some entertainment.

The following weekend 18th - 20th May is the Targa South West rally  which is massive - where else do you get this close to the action!

This year is the new run - Pemberton to Northcliffe!

You also have a chance to get involved - grab a free shirt and discounted tickets to the dinner where you get to mingle with the drivers and crew!

Volunteers are needed so click this link to register! http://www.targasouthwest.com.au/officials/officials-registration/

See you down this way in May!

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