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What’s all the noise about the Gloucester Tree?

You may have seen the news, or heard about it from a friend or a visitors centre as you were travelling through the region.

It's true, the Gloucester Tree and Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree are currently temporarily closed whilst they work out some engineering repairs to the huts at the top of the tree.

With no 'opening day' announced it's important that the closure is not forgotten about and the trees slip away quietly into people's memories as one of the things that 'used' to be allowed as things become over regulated.

Whilst the trees are closed for climbing, they are not closed for visiting, so make sure you continue to visit and enjoy the stunning landscapes, forests and associated activities - including both the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail which run through the town and past the Gloucester Tree. The Gloucester National Park has free entry at the moment too!

Read more about it here.

As an added attraction, the brand new Aerial Adventures have commenced operating at the Gloucester Tree - so watch this space for more information about this added attraction at the tree (and another reason to visit).

So please join us - visit the trees, write to the minister of Environment, the Minister for Tourism and help us keep our tree's alive!!!

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