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Southern Forests Arts - Quokka’s in the Forests

We explored the Understory Arts trail decently whilst they were curating their new exhibition and enjoyed the hunt and discovery of the gorgeous quokka's hidden in amongst the trail.

We are so excited to share their media release with you!


12th June 2024

Unveiling Quorum of Quokkas

Celebrating the Shy Beauty of Mainland Quokkas through Art at the Understory Art & Nature Trail in Northcliffe.

Amidst the inspiring landscapes of the Southern Forests in Southwest Western Australia (WA), a captivating new installation named Quorum of Quokkas awaits discovery at the Understory Art & Nature Trail in Northcliffe.

Delving into the realm of mainland quokkas (Setonix brachyurus), renowned artist Mikalea Castledine's creation explores the elusive and timid nature of these nocturnal, mainland marsupials, contrasting with their more visible counterparts on Rottnest Island.

Crafted by artist Mikalea Castledine, Quorum of Quokkas embodies the delicate connection between art, nature, and community resilience. Set against the backdrop of the 2015 fires in Northcliffe, the installation serves as a testament to the perseverance and recovery of a small community of mainland quokkas, symbolizing the resilience of rural communities in the face of adversity and change.

The name "Quorum" symbolizes more than just a gathering; it represents the resilience and recovery of the remaining mainland quokka population in the South West of WA. Through this installation, efforts are made to increase awareness of these elusive creatures, while also highlighting the importance of habitat preservation and native animal safety on increasingly busy roads.

As visitors traverse the Understory Art & Nature Trail, they are immersed in a world where vibrant artworks blend with the natural landscape. Inspired by the region's flora and fauna, including the iconic quokka and its remarkable recovery story, these installations offer a journey of discovery and reflection.

The installation highlights the conservation challenges and collaborative community solutions to issues such as habitat loss, introduced predators, and climate change, that threaten quokka populations. Visitors to Northcliffe are educated about conservation guidelines, respecting the natural behaviours of the local fauna and of the importance of preserving local habitats.

Mikalea Castledine has been a professional artist for nearly thirty years and a sculptor for the last decade. She is well known for her crocheted animal sculptures at Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions in Cottesloe and Bondi and her most well-known public art installation of Meerkats at the Mends Street Jetty redevelopment in South Perth.

Crafting life-size quokka sculptures crocheted out of polypropylene, she aims to raise awareness of mainland quokkas and the importance of habitat retention.


Fiona Sinclair Artistic Director/General Manager (Southern Forest Arts)

P: 0418 754 704

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