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National Mountain Bike Ride coming to Pemberton, and how you can help!

Author: Mark Hudson

Below is a heat map of cyclists recording their ride during their visit to Pemberton Mountain Bike Park. Strava is a GPS app that allows you to record a range of activities and records various elements such as time, your personal best efforts, average speed, intensity and is an online community of like-minded people.

Why bring this to your attention? Simple it shows people are coming to Pemberton to ride on their mountain bike, to cycle on the roads, to walk on the Bibbulmun Track and ride the Munda Biddi, Western Australia’s long distance trails. Pemberton provides adventure, be it at a National level, or at a recreational level, walking the dog, going on a horse ride or spinning the wheels on a social ride. The importance of the heat map is that it demonstrates the usage by riders coming to Pemberton on their mountain bike to ride in Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, the community facility the Pemberton Visitor Centre has been developing since 2007. Pemberton VC is hosting MTBA National Mountain Bike Series event over the Australia Day weekend with riders and supporters coming to Pemberton over the long weekend 26-28.1.2018.

The second map is a capture of riding on the Munda Biddi, mountain biking and road cycling in the area between Pemberton and Manjimup. If you follow the link the heat map can be accessed to provide an overview at a state, interstate and world level. The yellow on the heatmap shows where activities have been recorded by people doing different modes, cycling, swimming, running, mountain biking, horse riding etc 

Pemberton is hosting the MTBA National Mountain Bike Series on the Australia Day weekend. There will be some 250 competitors completing two separate days of racing, from Juniors to Elite riders in the XCO format, Cross Country Olympics, earning UCI points for National and International selection for Olympic and World events. Many will be competing just because the event is being conducted in Pemberton, Western Australia. We need volunteers. The job is to man check points to ensure riders go in the right direction and if required radio in any issues to race central. You get to work with another person and you will have a briefing prior to the start. You will need to bring a water bottle, chair and a hat. MTBA Nationals Mountain Bike Series Volunteers are required for the event. We have riders coming from WA, interstate and overseas to race in Pemberton. We need helpers to make it happen. You get to see riders at their best competing in Pemberton. Experience not required, just a love of helping out and enjoying a National event in the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park Friday 26.1.2017 6 volunteers required 6 volunteers required 12.00 – 5.00 pm Saturday 27.1.2018 12 volunteers required 6 volunteers 8:00 – 12:00 & 6 volunteers 12.00 – 5.00 pm Sunday 28.1.2018 12 volunteers required 6 volunteers 8:00 – 12:00 & 6 volunteers 12.00 – 5.00 pm Please contact Mark Hudson 0429 384 800 Thanks 

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