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Winter Wonderland!


Winter in the forests can be cold and wet, not the best combination for camping. However if you do decide to head into the forests during our winter you can guarantee you will be seeing magic!

For the complete list of flowering plants you just cannot go past the Western Australian Herbarium – their website has all the scientific information you could possibly need and is a great list to store on your phone – if you are that way inclined. The plants whom flower in July in the Warren Region are listed here.

Fungi is in full flourish – and there is no better place to find fungi then beside the river in a National Park. They thrive in moist rotting vegetation – which is in abundance in this cool green place. I found this cool website when I was looking for information for our customers – it gives you added tools for identification and teaches you how to describe them – you can even have a fungi named after you (or a friend!).

I think the best thing of all is snuggling in front of your campfire – that and the marshmallows!

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