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The ideal camping nightmare

Heading south on the highway, after 3 days of packing, checking and organising everything for the family holiday. Mum frazzled hoping that the menu she has planned is specific and exciting enough for the family. Dad busy driving and ticking off the mental list in his head of all the things he thinks he purchased and hopping the tent he borrowed from Uncle Stan is complete.

Arriving at the campsite only to find the best sites gone – but there is one just there beside the Wicked Camper with the X rated slogan.


Unpacking the tent and setting it up only to find that the fly is missing. The ensuring argument that happens next (“we should of bought one; you should of checked”). Improvising with the tarp you bought as a ground sheet, (we will worry about the mud getting into the tent later). Unpacking the chairs only to find that the screw had fallen out of one leg (“we hope we can find it in the back of the car – oh but here is a log, we can use that for now”).

Flat batteries, (both for car and torch), no mozzie repellent and a plague of ants finding the lollies the kids stashed in the tent complete the picture…

These stories create memories; some good; some bad but always memorable.

We love creating memories - avoiding the 'should of' or 'could of' that happen and giving families the complete camping set up - so you can tell the stories of the fish that got away instead!

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