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Summer slipping away to a perfect Autumn

Bliss, that is the best word to describe Autumn here in the forest.


The evening cools down slowly and the night noises sound surreal to our guests used to city life.

Pack the fishing rods – Salmon season is just around the corner.

For the perfect family (or couple) adventure holiday take the opportunity to forget about packing for a camping trip when you book with us. We do everything for you (even reserve the site!) I love the feedback we have been receiving from our customers – and we look forward to improving even more!

We still have availability over Easter and this coming school holidays – so book in soon to avoid missing out.

The National Park camping grounds get so full this time of year and it is so stressful to campers who arrive all kitted out to find every single campsite full and nowhere for them to stay.

We have spoken to many campers who have simply turned around and driven home – which is no way to spend your Easter holiday.

So please book in early – even if you are not staying with us there are still places at the local caravan parks – there are 5 within 30min of Pemberton.

Have a wonderful Easter and we hope to see you down this way soon!

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