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How a pop-up or E-Camp can save you and your sanity these holidays!

Easter and our April school holidays are the best and busiest times to head south for a camping holiday.

The campsites are full, the Salmon are running along the beach, the trout start to head back to the surface of the rivers and streams that meander their way through the region. The whole area is beautiful - the views as you make your way through these windy roads are constantly breathtaking.

This April is special, once again the Unearthed Pemberton festival will be running - starting late April where all the wineries, galleries, farms and tours will be putting on a display to showcase the region and what’s behind the farm gate.

So, what’s all this got to do with camping? Our last guests mentioned our camps are exactly what they want. They are not interested in an artificial camp situation - as Glamping seems to head down the path of becoming a portable hotel room. They are chasing something they possibly could do themselves but haven’t got the time or storage to recreate the camp in the forest we offer our guests.

How can this save you? Well we still have vacancies so if you wish to camp without the stress of packing (we do everything except for food and toys aka mountain bikes, 4WD and canoes (although these can be hired or a tour arranged).)

We are filling up this Autumn - so this post is a chance for our readers to get in early and book. When you camp with us we offer:

Bookable sites on the banks of the Warren River in Warren National Park near Pemberton.

Black wolf tent with stretchers

Full camp kitchen

(Linen and portable ensuite available with full Glamping set up).

The other option we have is group accommodation - the 4WD accessible only Yeagarup Hut is like your own caravan park in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park - just over the Yeagarup Dunes.

And... The Lodge is in town and perfect for groups not wanting to camp but looking for affordable, comfortable and fun lodging in the centre of Pemberton.

If you decide to camp yourself the local caravan parks in the region offer a great place to stay - however the National Parks and Bog Brook are not bookable so it is first in best dressed (we are unable to book them unless we set up a tent).

We hope to see you this Autumn - here in the Southern Forests!

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