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Escape into fresh air and adventure!

Looking for that destination that isn’t too far from Perth and has all the outdoor attractions required for an exciting outdoor adventure getaway? Where isolation is important and you are not breathing down the neck of your neighbours?

Fortunately Western Australia is spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor adventure, however there is often a place that gets overlooked when it comes to orientating the map to search for that ideal camping destination. Pemberton, tucked in amongst the big timber country of the Southern Forests forest region (Karri Country)is less than 330km south of Perth and has all you could imagine for a outdoor playground suitable for all ages. From mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing to exploring the four wheel drive trails of the region.

If this region has not been on the list as a possible location to visit, then it should be.

It’s not only forest and rivers down here, even though we have a lot of that, the region is seriously diverse with the coast less than 30km as the crow flies (and seriously offroad) from the town of Pemberton. Autumn is perfect for traversing the sandy trails to the beach for a spot of salmon fishing along the deserted coastline of the D’Entrecasteaux national park. The Yeagarup Dunes are pretty spectacular too and worth a visit to see the desert in the forest. Jump onboard the Beach & Forest Eco Adventure if you don't have a 4WD of your own.

If four wheel driving isn’t your thing and you would prefer to hike some trails well that’s no problem with the many options available including the Bibbulmun Track that meanders it way from Perth to Albany through this region and quite a number of mountain bike trails including the Munda Biddi trail, an aboriginal term for "trail in the forest". This trail is a 1000km mountain bike trail that traverses the region on its way down to Albany like the Bibbulman track. Both trails align and merge with the beautiful town of Pemberton.

Complementing both the trails is the track transfer service run by Pemberton Discovery Tours available to transfer hikers and bikers to a desirable destination on the trail and able to assist with the logistics of the adventure. The perfect weekend escape for anyone wanting a couple of days on the trails.

Diversity is something that compliments Pemberton’s unique character, there is a lot to do here and it should definitely be considered if your interested in that wilderness adventure.

Have more questions? Feel free to drop us a line - we would love to assist with itinerary planning for your escape to the country.

Another part of our business we recommend is our accommodation at the Pemberton Lodge (see for walking groups and families or if you want to tick off camping have a look at the camping options; where you turn up and everything has been done for you!)

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