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Christmas with the family, and how to make the kids think you are the best parent in the world!

Ok, my last post was on why you should camp with us over the Christmas period; this post is more on what to do and what to bring and why for your Christmas camping holiday! Note these are mainly outdoor activities #natureplaywa

How much room is left in the car once you have packed the usual gear? Do you gave a trailer or bike rack - can you borrow one from a friend? These are the things you just have to bring for your kids!

Ages 2-8 (or all ages 😄) - a scooter, skateboard or ripstick - can you tuck one under the seat? This is one of the handiest entertainment accessories known in this area... imagine heading out to lunch and then thinking about going for a walk afterwards - a ripstick or scooter will be just what you need to wear the kids out so you can take them back to your Accomodation to chill...

Places to ride with parents safely are: Big Brook Dam, Gloucester Tree walktrail (starts just past the Pemberton District High School) Windy Harbour Sea rescue car park - watch for cars (I’ll probably get shot saying that 😜) and the cliff tops at Windy harbour itself (parental supervision necessary), Manjimup Timber Park, then you have the scare Parks in all the towns - Pemberton’s is located behind the Pemberton Sportsclub - facing the caravan park. Northcliffe is on the main street (Pemberton Northcliffe Rd) and Manjimup’s skate park is located on the way to the Primary and Senior High School.

Ages 7-Adult Mountain bikes are a must - and great for all ages. You can hire bikes in town from the Pemberton General Store (97761151) or try and get your hands on a bike rack to BYO.

The Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is amazing - however if this sort of trail is not your thing then the ride from town via Big Brook Dam and back into town (via Hidden River or JarrahJacks) is a 17km way to experience the wine and beer by bike! You can download the trail notes here.

Other rides include those mentioned above in the scooter / skateboard section and don’t forget the Munda Biddi - the Gloucester Tree track is a great switchback - both up and down hill!

All ages: Fishing gear; both or either surf fishing or fresh water fishing. You may like to make sure you have a license (fresh water angling available here ) and an electronic copy on your phone is fine (as long as you don’t drown your phone!).

Places to try - Warren River, Big Brook Dam, behind the cascades, behind the weir (Rainbow trail)

If you don’t have room - King Trout has new owners and a fresh start as ‘Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm’ where you can hire rods and they clean your catch for you! Places in town like the Millhouse and the hotel will cook it for you otherwise grab a lemon and some alfoil and DIY on one of the many free Bbq area’s in the area!

Surf fishing - Salmon Beach & Windy Harbour boat ramp are good places.

All ages: Water toys; think canoes, kayaks, surf ski, tubes etc etc. there are a lot of places to take your toy - and if you don’t have room consider a blow up version.

Tours are available and you can hire a canoe at RAC Karri Valley Resort for an hour or so if you just want to taste the experience.

All ages - especially dad 😊, bring a compressor. They are able to hire (ask us) or you can join a tag along tour - the Yeagarup Dunes, Callcup, Black Point / Lake Jasper, Windy Harbour Beach, Summertime Track (Marlimup) and Coodamurrup are all a great way to test out your 4WD. Saying that if you don’t have one, tours to Yeagarup head out daily over School Hols and are a fabulous family experience (read the reviews !)

All ages; Berries, food and fun, all in a short drive from town; the only thing to pack here is a pack of wet ones to wipe hands and faces. You may like to bring a bottle of water if you want to wash the strawberries before eating (suggestion :)

The Lavender Berry Farm is open daily over school holidays and picking starts now! Kids can pick their own, pat a miniature horse and play in the playground - the cafe is really great too!

The Berry Sweet strawberry farm have trays of seconds for $10ea - this is huge!!!

Well, there is a start - and hopefully more of an incentive to get away from the normal routine, pack your bags and your gear and head south!

If you need help camping - we can help you there; and with Christmas holiday spaces still available you best contact us to get in quick (and with a choice of Accomodation styles!)

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