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Autumn Camping Adventures in the Forests

Camping is a bucket list item for many, the problems these days is that the dream of a camping holiday can be easier than reality. Time is the factor for many families, with the planning, packing, executing and the final packing and clean up chaos from a camping holiday often becoming the deciding factor in whether you book a caravan park, try #NationalParkCamping or take the safe choice of a chalet or holiday home.

The #WAWilderness glamping is more a pop up reality camp - with real camping equipment set up on location in the National Parks near Pemberton. If you have explored our website you have probably realised this and are still deciding the value of this experience for your family.

We have found the camps perfect for people with younger children, where one or both parents are undecided on buying their own camping gear (It does add up!), where both parents either work or one is #flyinflyout #fifo and the other manages the household (and the last thing they need is to pack and unpack from a camping holiday). It is also perfect for people who do have gear however have family or friends from overseas or over east visiting and want to show them our beautiful #SouthernForestRegion here in Australia's South West corner.

Our recent guests are repeat. They love the fact that they can turn up, everything is there yet they can be self sufficient - we set up the camp and leave you to it to enjoy. Their 3 young daughters told their parents they wanted a camping holiday but 3 nights is not long enough - so they dragged it out to 5 nights. We have been seeing the family worth their way through the #unearthedpemberton calendar of events over their stay - it has been really wonderful!

I know they will be back - and I am hoping their little fairy houses last until they return...

Are you dreaming of an easy camping holiday? The WA Wilderness sets up everything in the National Park - then leaves you to enjoy the wilderness (just like it would be if you did it yourself!) Book online here or call Toni on 0427 133335

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