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Are you camper friendly?

Not all campers have BO, bare feet and dirty clothes… the new “Parks for People” Department of Parks and Wildlife marketing campaign are encouraging people to value their parks as both a place to visit and a place to stay.

Pemberton Discovery Tours “WA Wilderness” product is designed to give people a chance to “try” camping and by using great quality Black Wolf tents and siting the camps in beautiful national park locations, it offers a little bit of luxury to the idea of camping. The idea of “Glamping” (or glamour camping) is becoming more fashionable as the idea develops.

So how is your business Camping (or Glamping) friendly? Do you have somewhere they can charge their phone whilst they browse, dine or shop? Is there a place to sit and relax by the fire? Do you have camping sized packaged goods? Takeaway items with recycled ‘burnable’ packaging that can be reheated near the fire or on a gas stove? Can you offer showers or (if you are a hair dresser) a head massage and wash?

These suggestions are but a few and we would love to hear more? Do you have a business? How are you camper friendly to your camping customers (yes I am talking about all your camping customers here – even the ones with bare feet & BO)? Think outside the square and comment below!

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