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Activities for the kids

This list is definitely a work in progress. Originally written when the author’s children were babies, they are now into double digits (ouch) so hopefully the list is growing too! Please email Toni with updates, changes or suggestions!

The majority of tours in Pemberton delight in being family friendly. Car seats are available for tours with vehicles as well as dietary requirements suitable for fussy children.

The Day Care Centre in Hepple Place, Pemberton may be contacted on 08 9776 1797 or via email at, ask to speak to Maria.

Little Taddies accommodates children from 2 months old however best to book in advance to ensure there are vacancies. They may also have qualified staff available to babysit. One off bookings are accepted from half day to full day from 7.30am-5.00pm from Monday-Friday.

For all ages

Please note some accommodation places have internet, canoeing and archery along with a range of other children activities. As they are not available for the general public they are not mentioned here.📷📷​​Pemberton Discovery Tours is located next to the old Millhouse Tearooms (and Train Park) and

Karri Valley Resort provides an organized activities program including Canoe hire, Mountain Bike Hire, Minigolf and Archery for kids regardless of whether they are staying at the resort or not. For more details visit their website or phone them on 08 9776 2020.

Animal feeding at the Lavender and Berry Farm is fun for young children. Grab a bag of grain to feed the Llamas, chooks and ducks. They also have ponies however you can’t feed them now as they are too fat!! :0)

You may like to pick berries (in season!) and try the yummy lavender or berry icecream which they are famous for along with their berry pancakes. The playground is fantastic for younger children and give parents the chance to sit down and enjoy the view (whilst eating icecream). They are located on Browns Road and can also be contacted on 08 9776 1661.

Activity programs are often conducted by the Department of Parks and Wildlife during school holidays. They may be contacted on 08 9776 1207.

Wear out the kids and let them discover our natural beauty by taking them on the many walk tracks and trails around Pemberton (see bushwalking for more information).You may like to get the kids to film their own version of ‘Deadly Pemby’ – you are welcome to watch our kids films – they had an absolute ball making these documentaries as did I filming them on my iPhone :o) – share them with us (we would love to see them!)

The Pemberton Visitors Centre's museum is open 7 days and Northcliffe Visitors Centre have a fabulous Sculpture Trail journey. You can also catch up with Wendy - she runs the evening night walks on Wednesdays at the Pemberton Pool. Book at the Pemberton Visitors Centre on 9776 1133 / 97767203

We have included some great holiday activities which may be downloaded to make your holiday that much more fun and educational! (It also keeps the kids busy!) Some of these would be handy to remember for those wet weather days!

This fun quiz is suitable for 5 years and older; it encompasses the Karri Forest Explorer Drive. Download Holiday Activity

The bird identification activity could be of interest to children aged 6-12 years, Activity, you will need to print off both lists. Download Bird List

Holysmoke Products have caricatures of their products of trout and chicken on their website. These are cute – Should you enlarge them then colour in they will be great to pin up…

Wild Eyed Press publish beautiful books and have some great coloring in pages on their website wildeyedpress. Wendy Binks a local artist and writer also offer pictures to download and colour. Check out her website and free downloads!

For the drive down – print out the Western Tourist Radio brochure – it has the list of town names matched to number plates (a great quiz between family members!)

But wait there is more! Don’t forget we still have the 3 climbing Trees….and the famous Munda Biddi Trail (ride) or Bibbulmun Track (Hike) on our doorstep… for the more adventuresome.

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