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Magnificent spring; inspiring summer in Pemberton

The flowers are finishing from this years long spring season, loads of rain and now the sun is making everything grow so fast!

If you are a regular visitor to Pemberton, you would be in awe of how massive the avocado trees are - and how quickly they grow.

Summer bookings are filling up - there are not many places you can visit and know that you will enjoy a good sleep, the weather will cool down enough to give you peace.

The roadside stalls are filling up with summer produce- you can still buy apples from Collins orchards (just past Gold’n Grape gallery. And avocado’s are available everywhere! The strawberry farm are picking and now provide blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to the supermarkets (or to visitors if you know where to go 😜)

So create your own gourmet escape and pop on down, less than 4 hours from Perth, this place is perfect for families, couples and anyone wanting to escape the bustle of the city - locals are friendly, coffee is great and there is always something happening!

See you soon!

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