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How many changes can a town take!!! Time for a visit me thinks!

As winter takes it hold on the southwest, you can be forgiven to think the beautiful town of Pemberton is asleep... I mean this time two years ago the whole town was busy with the filming of Jasper Jones.

However it is quiet when you can roll a bowling ball (or pumpkin) down the main street without hitting a soul... But things are happening.

The new Treehouse Tapas Bar is probably where you will find many of the locals after 4pm, with city like ambience and atmosphere - we are slightly puzzled (it is Pemberton we are talking about here!).

The old Bakery is lovingly being renovated by a couple respecting the heritage values of the town; and the house next to it has also been sold - we are looking forward to seeing what the new owners do to recreate this part of Pemberton's history.

Across the road the Paddock cafe are located in the tiny corner shop and the new owners of this property have HUGE plans... still in the pipeline however rumours have started.

Pine St has always had the old Bunnings playground - that was cleared and subdivided last year - and in its place are two brand new homes - we are all waiting to see what they look like when they are completed as they are still under construction.

And the new owner at the Millhouse is doing up the playground, making it more relaxing for families with young children.

The old Freemasons lodge was sold and is currently being converted to a new backpackers.

Further out of town, the King Trout Cafe has been purchased and rebranded as the Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm - look for the Signs as you drive through!

New owners at Forest Lodge Resort (Ingo is a world recognised Chef so we are super excited to see what he does here!). And to get us out and about the owners of Marri House have started People and Parcel movers - a taxi service (great for getting out and about in the evening!)

For our community - our St Johns Ambulance hall has seen a new lease of life and looks fabulous - right next door to our seniors accommodation and the CWA with its new veranda's and market awning!

And we have not been stagnant - Pemberton Discovery Tours / WA Wilderness have just opened the Pemberton Bunkhouse - quality group accommodation...

Sleepy little town? Look again!

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