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Australia Day - Pemberton Style

Australia Day in Pemberton is all about community, with the day beginning with a humongous free breakfast at the Community Resource Centre... 

Staffed by volunteers, these guys certainly know how to put on a feed and make you feel welcome with plenty of visiting tourists, working backpackers and families joining in on the morning.

The big event for the day is the Australia Day party at the Pemberton Pool - where the kids frolicking in the water whilst the families enjoy the free music, games and delicious food able to be purchased from the venue. 

Again staffed by a team of volunteers, the ambience is amazing and the whole event leaves you with a feeling of calmness and 'all is good in the world'.

Well it is in Pemberton!

Thanks guys for putting on such a great day - the volunteers from the Pemberton Community Resource Centre and Pemberton Visitors Centre couldn't of done a better job!

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