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Monster Marron Season is Here!

Marron season started on the 8th January 2017 has gone gang busters!


Admittedly, Pemberton was busy a few days prior, with the local BP and Pemberton General Store / Hardware doing a roaring trade with nets, pellets and the bottle'o's doing well with ice and beer...

The week prior you could see people scouting around and the banter between the blokes at the pub start to get secretive, watching, you can hear the guys actually trying to work out where their mates secret stash is located or trying to find out where ole Franks old catch was - where he caught that monster marron...

Actually the subterfuge & banter starts mid December when the real planning starts... You know, when your friends in the city realise that we live in a bit of paradise down this way... and decide marron season may be the best time to try a piece of it too! That's when it starts cause we need to house, feed and water the 4 mates, their families and the dog that they had to bring cause Perth is too hot...

Anyway going way off track to the big story that has made headlines internationally!

A Monster Marron has been spotted at Big Brook Dam.

Now if you have not been to Big Brook Dam - it is Pemberton's equivalent of Cottesloe, or Trigg, or Prevelly; without the waves or sharks or stingers... Basically a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by forest - with the dark tannin stained fresh water from the incoming streams...

So a Monster Marron spotted here would not bode well for the popularity of the dam... however this Monster Marron is apparently very friendly, and played extremely well with the author's children and dog all afternoon on their recent visit to the dam.

This story has gone gangbusters, locally through the ABC and internationally through Facebook and social media. - What a story! Fact or fiction or a bit of both with a glass or two of Pemberton wine thrown into the mix...

To stay posted with updates visit the Monster Marron Fan Facebook Page

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