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Aftermath of the Northcliffe Fires

February 2015 will be forever burned into people’s memories. It was almost 2 weeks of uncertainty, fright and for some the sheer weight of the loss of their home and remnants of their life.

Now it’s time to piece it all back together.

The future looks bright – for 2 weeks the nations attention was spread between politics and Northcliffe – so it is no longer becoming that forgotten town between Pemberton and the coast… In less than 2 years time we can guarantee some of the best displays of wildflowers in the world due to these same fires.

It is now we are concerned about… Businesses may of closed to fully service the firefighters for food, accommodation or transport requirements, however they are all opening their doors again and would welcome the public’s custom.

So – we would love to see you down this way so take the extra detour to visit Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole – we are all small communities who really appreciate tourism and have a smile for everyone – note the person who serves you most probably is the owner!

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