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The Jasper Jones Town

With the release of Jasper Jones on the 2nd March, the town of Pemberton is a buzz with the hype of being a 'movie town'.

The slow, painted journey of revisiting the 1960's, its youth, unknowing discrimination, pastel coloured vibrancy and innocence is done beautiful by Rachel Perkins and her crew...

However what I ask is look beyond the wonderful acting by the main actors and check out the cinematography.

This is what Pemberton still is today, a town where people stop their cars in the Main Street to have a chat with someone they haven't seen for at least a day or so; this small town romance brings visitors back to this place time and time again; often with many choosing to make it their home (we have had 3 new families move to the region in the past few months after discovering it was their dream holiday destination).

A few of the Jasper Jones set hotspots are available to view just by walking up the street!

Kim working on the set of the Corrigin Hotel

The Corrigin Town Hall is actually the Pemberton Mill Hall, no secrets there - and not much renovating required either; it looks like it has just been plucked out of 1960 and plonked into 2017.

The Mayors house is on route to one of our favourite not so secret eateries - the Holysmoke Cafe is located at the Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery. Stop at the corner of Dickinson St and Karri Rise to see this beautiful home; originally the Pemberton Mill managers residence (and still authentic!).

You can find the homes of Charlie and Jeffrey as you travel up the hill to the Gloucester Tree - that is all I will say there (have to give you something to look for :o)

As locals, we were able to witness our town change over the three months the crew were in town. It is likened to a wave where it started off with one or two people, location director, set designers and came to a crest when the cast and crew were all in town... streets were closed for filming and everyone came to be a part of it. Slowly, as scenes were shot and completed and sets pulled down the wave of people dwindled down until no one was left... a very surreal experience and a memory we will forever treasure.

Our town has the opportunity to view the movie today (5 days before the cinema release); it was a gift and promise from the directors to the town and as a community we are really excited to see it together with friends and family.

Enjoy the movie - we would love to hear about what you think; and it would be even better if you told us in person :o)




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