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Wine, wine, cider, wine, beer, wine, Holysmoke smoked trout and bourbon smoked Atlantic Salmon Pate.

What an absolutely stunning day, stunning due to the perfect weather, the contented and happy business owners and the couples who have headed to Pemberton to attend a friends wedding in the region... 

It was such a pleasure to drive the scenic winding roads through forests and avocado, truffle, olive and Fingerlime farms & orchards from Pemberton, to try Leanne & Allans fine wines and amazing story at Rambouillet, to the lovely ladies at Silkwood and their huge range of local wines (via the obliging strawberry farm to pick up a box), catching up with Sue at Mountford to try their delicious cider and wines before the beautiful drive via Big Brook Dam and finally chilling at JarrahJacks for a rack of beer, local produce to eat, unwind and chat about what we all saw, tasted and experienced - and what these guys from over east are taking back home * with them was something we are really proud to bring to the region (not to mention we really love doing it!... (*talking memories here 😄.)

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