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We Love Lavender!

When friends come to visit you really want to make sure they love where you live so they come back often! We make sure that when friends come to visit we show them the best places so they come back for more *grin*

Alpaca’s, Miniature Pony’s, Chickens and Ducks – a little girls best friend!

When our good friends and their little beautiful scallywags came to visit (they are due to visit again but this article is worth reposting!)

I immediately thought the Pemberton Lavender Berry Farm, just out of Pemberton on Brown Rd.

The weather was a little drizzly but we skipped between showers and managed to feed the alpaca’s, chickens and ducks and per the miniature ponies before heading to the restaurant for our enormous feed we had preordered on our arrival.

The new owners Margaret & Andrew (who have purchased the farm from Debbie and Peter) are the ultimate hosts, ensuring we were fed and watered and the whole time we were eating the girls were fascinated with the little blue wrens flitting around the restaurant after their spilt crumbs.

My friends will definitely be coming back for a little more of Pemberton after this adventure!

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